Positive Behaviour

The Incredible Years┬« series of programmes are a suite of programmes for parents, teachers and children created by Carolyn Webster-Stratton in the USA. The centre delivers group leader training along with supervision and mentoring for group leaders and teachers delivering the programmes. The Incredible Years┬« series has a strong evidence base demonstrating its effectiveness in delivering effective and sustained change in parent, teacher and child behaviour.

Please see the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention for more information about the Incredible Years and the programmes offered: https://www.bangor.ac.uk/psychology/cebei/incredible-years-programmes.php.en


The introduction of the Webster-Stratton Classroom Dinosaur School Programme in Gwynedd, North Wales: A pilot study (2004) Judy Hutchings, Eleanor Lane, Richard Ellis Owen and Rhiain Gwyn. 

A pilot study of the Webster-Stratton Incredible Years Therapeutic Dinosaur School programme (2007) Judy Hutchings, Tracey Bywater, Dave Daley and Eleanor Lane. 

Early results from developing and researching the Webster- Stratton Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Training Programme in North West Wales (2007b) Judy Hutchings, Dave Daley, Karen Jones, Pam Martin, Tracey Bywater and Rhiain Gwyn. 

The Incredible Years therapeutic social and emotional skills programme: A pilot study (2011) Judy Hutchings, Tracey Bywater, Nicole Gridley, Christopher J. Whitaker, Pam Martin-Forbes and Stella Gruffydd.

Taking the Incredible Years Child and Teacher Programs to Scale in Wales (2017) Judy Hutchings and Margiad Elen Williams

 A randomized controlled trial of the impact of a teacher classroom management program on the classroom behavior of children with and without behavior problems (2013) Judy Hutchings, Pam Martin-Forbes, David Daley, Margiad Elen Williams.

Levels of Behavioural Difficulties among Young Welsh School children (2011) Judy Hutchings, Margiad Elen Williams and Pam Martin. 

Further information

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