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Welcome to the Collaborative Institute for Education Research, Evidence and Impact (CIEREI)

CIEREI is a collaborative, bilingual, multi-disciplinary institute for the creation of research evidence with the primary aim of positively impacting learning and wellbeing for children through schools.


CIEREI is a collaboration between GwE (the Regional School Effectiveness and Improvement Service for North Wales)Bangor University (led by the School of Educational Sciences and the School of Human and Behavioural Sciences).

CIEREI collaborates with a number of centres, see CIEREI Research Community.

Research Clusters

Advancing Bilingualism & Welsh Language Education

This research cluster focuses on the exploration and enhancement of bilingualism in the context of language education in Wales and beyond, addressing important issues related to bilingualism, language acquisition and the preservation and promotion of the Welsh Language

  • Language Acquisition & Development
  • Language Policy & Planning
  • Curriculum Design & Pedagogy for Language Learning
  • Bilingualism & Cognitive Benefits
  • Language Identity & Cultural Heritage
  • Technology & Language Learning
  • Translanguaging

Improving equity and inclusion

Dedicated to advancing understanding, intervention strategies and policies that promote equity and inclusivity across various societal domains. The core value is to address systemic inequalities through rigorous research and implementation science and create positive change in local and global contexts.

  • Social Justice and Policy Analysis
  • Education Equity
  • Educational Technology
  • Intersectionality and Identity
  • Employment and Community Inclusion

Optimising well-being and Resilience

Advancing our understanding of well-being, mental health and strategies cultivating resilience in individuals and communities. Contributes to the development of evidence-based practices, interventions and policies that enhance individual and community well-being.

  • Mental Health Interventions
  • Resilience and well-being across the lifespan
  • Social Support & relationships
  • The role of culture & context
  • Technology & mental health
  • Mindfulness & mind-body practices

Teacher Education, Leadership and Professional Practice

Improving teacher training, fostering effective pedagogical practices & supporting teachers’ ongoing professional learning. Contributes to the enhancement of teacher education programs, the development of effective instructional methods and the overall quality of education provided to all students.

  • Initial Teacher Education
  • Teacher Professional Learning
  • Effective Pedagogy and Instruction
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Educational Leadership and Schools as Learning Organisations
  • Collaborative and Reflective Practices
  • Policy and Education Reform