Clive Underwood

Clive has spent the past 17 years in various teaching and leadership roles in international schools and has worked in the Czech Republic and Egypt. He has worked with a variety of international school accreditation and examination boards. His primary area of study and interests are in global education, international schooling, children's literacy and supporting students with additional learning needs. His doctoral study compares different types of schools that are designated as 'international schools', and aims to examine the factors that influence the admission and inclusion of students with learning difficulties in international schools.

The study aims to address an area where relatively little research has been undertaken, by comparing the admissions procedures, resourcing and practice in supporting students with learning difficulties in different international schools. Samples of 4-6 schools will be approached from two international environments (Cairo, Egypt, and Prague, Czech Republic), chosen due to the researcher's experience of working in different roles in international schools in both cities. The study aims to ask whether the typology of the school, school philosophy, environmental and contextual issues, or factors related to standards set by international school accreditation boards/institutions, have most relevance in the successful admission, integration, and inclusion of a range of pupils with learning difficulties in international schools. The study aims to ascertain whether the relative independence in decision making and setting of standards experienced by some international schools contributes to an innovative approach, or whether perceived difficulties resulting from separation from 'home state' values and support systems limits an international school's willingness to enrol and support students with learning difficulties.